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Are you an independent business looking for a web presence? Or a newly graduated student looking to market yourself with an online CV or portfolio? Or a photographer, band or musician looking for a way to share your work with the world?

My name is Joe Langford and I'm a web designer who builds professional, high quality websites for people like you. My prices are fair, so you can afford the best site for your needs.

Design for print

I can design promotional printed materials: posters, flyers, etc. After I have completed the design for you, I will give you the files so that you can use your own printing service.

What I don't do

I do not currently undertake complex web applications. If you want to build the next Ebay, or to knock Google off its perch, you'll need a company that specialises in building large web applications. You'll also need a much larger budget.

Why pick me?

I offer a fair price for a quality service. I genuinely want to help creative individuals and emerging enterprises. Hire me, and you hire an experienced and honest web designer.

6 years' experience

I have 6 years' professional design and development experience working for a top London web development agencys and freelance clients.

University degree

I have a BSc (Hons) in Website Design and Internet Technology, so I have a highly educated understanding of my field.

Designer and developer

I'm experienced in both designing and building websites. So you can be sure your website is logical, functional and usable.

Best practices

I build using the latest code and best practice, so your website will appear as high as possible in search engine results and maintain functionality.

Latest technology

I keep up with all the latest technology and techniques and will use them on your website if I think they are applicable. You won't end up with a website that's just an out-of-date template.


I do not use design software to build my websites – this is considered bad practice in the industry. Everything I do is hand-coded, current and personalised.

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Bella Nora

Bella Nora
Design & Build: 2014

Bella Nora are a female only Laser & beauty clinic located in Eastham, London. There previous site was fairly old and was well in need of a redesign, so they approached me to do a full design and rebuild.

Bella Nora asked for the design to resemble similar competing clinics in the area, with a soft light colour scheme, as well as something that stayed on brand with their current brand and logo.

Incomparable George

Incomparable George - Friday Night Stage Fright
Build: 2013

The Incomparable George is the brain child of Joel Slaney. The loveable character stars in 'Superbox Adventure', a picture book for young children as well as Joel's latest piece of work, an arcade game entitled "Friday Night Stage Fright".

Joel approached me for assistance to build and host a launch site for "Friday Night Stage Fright". Being more then a competent designer and illustrator himself, Joel already had most of the illustrated components required to build the site ready. However I did offer my assistance with the layout of the site and the components that should and shouldn't be included. After we had both agreed on a design I went ahead with building the site ready for the games launch on Friday 6th December.

"Friday Night Stage Fright" is a free to download and play Windows PC game. If you don't have a Windows machine there are still some free goodies in the form of desktop backgrounds available to download on the site.

Janet Langford

Janet Langford
Design and Build: 2013

Janet Langford is a new forest based artist who specialises in miniature and small paintings.

I started the build of Janet's website directly after finishing her husband Alan's. Due to them both being artists their requirements were very similar, so I based this website around a similar layout having the artwork as the centre piece. Although the layout of the two sites are very similar, I decided on a drastically different design than that of Alan's website. Instead of a prestigious art gallery based theme I decided to base this design around the layout of an artist's work desk. This gave a less grand feel to the website and give more of a personal touch, similar to Janet's artwork and that compliments smaller paintings a lot better.

I also setup a Facebook page for Janet so she could publicise her artwork and events she would be participating in, you can see this here.

As with all recent Langford Design websites this website is fully responsive so it should display optimally on everything from smart phones, to tablet computers, to large monitors.

Alan Langford

Alan Langford
Design and Build: 2013

Alan Langford is a local New Forest equestrian artist who required a website to promote his artwork. As he is an artist I thought about the idea of putting the artwork at the forefront of the site and constructing the pages around the theme of an art gallery. After discussing this idea with Alan I created a mock up design of the home page, we agreed on the design and I went ahead with building the website.

As well as the website Alan also needed a way to publicise his exhibitions. I suggested Facebook as a great platform to get publicity for events, also I would be able to display this information on his website. However Alan didn't have a Facebook page at the time so I helped set one up for him, which you can see here.

The website is also fully responsive, which means it will optimise itself dependent on the size of the device you are viewing it on. Try adjusting your browser size or visit the website on your smart phone to see.

Solid State Group
Employment: 2008 - 2013

For the last 5 years, I worked as a Senior Front End Web Developer for the London-based agency, Solid State Group. While there, I worked on the websites of several major international brands, including Disney and Amnesty International.

As the agency works as a team, I cannot take credit for everything shown on their website. However, if you would like more details about my involvement, please contact me.

Goldsmiths Conference

Poster for International Psychology Conference
Design for print: 2013

Early this year I was asked to design a poster for an international psychology conference, Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Individual Differences in Learning, held at Goldsmiths University, London.

The poster was displayed prior to the event to encourage speakers to apply, and get anyone interested in attending to register.


Southern Dreams Limited
Design & Build: 2012

Southern Dreams Ltd (SDL) is a consultancy and management company dedicated to introducing British exporters to the markets of Latin America.

I was asked to build them a small website to attract investors to their business. Since the site went live, SDL received their full investment via Crowd Cube and are now featured in the Crowd Cube Hall of Fame.

Star of Kings Poster

Oxjam Poster for The Star of Kings
Design for print: 2012

The Oxjam music festival runs every year across the UK at various venues to raise money for the charity Oxfam.

Last year, I was involved in one of the Oxjam gigs at The Star of Kings near Kings Cross, London, and was asked to create the poster for the event. The poster was used to promote the event, and Oxjam achieved a great turnout.


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